Sustaining International Sisters

Connecting, Inspiring & Supporting Women from Around the World through Play & Meal Sharing
A woman from Egypt, head covered in a hijab, bursts into a big smile as she enters the Little Five Points (L5P) Community Center Café in Atlanta, Georgia, for a morning of InterPlay and meal sharing. She sees a roomful of women, many wearing hijabs – and until this moment – she has felt isolated in this metropolitan city of five million from women like her. Although these other women in hijabs are Turkish, there is a visible commonality signaled by the scarves covering their heads. Likewise, a woman from Mexico, softens as she steps into the room filled with international women – she is not the “different one” as the only “foreigner” present. 
Over the next 30 minutes, close to thirty women arrive. They are asylum seekers, American citizens, internationals working or studying abroad. They differ in age, nationality, education, and professions. But they have come together out of curiosity a…

Leaping from the Line

InterPlay is an active, creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body, and I am fortunate to the have the opportunity of offering InterPlay to my community in many venues - science and business communication, English language fluency, empowering women who have resettled here in the United States, and creativity! Recently, I had the pleasure of bringing the gift of InterPlay to my community YMCA.
On a Friday night in the middle of September, as a way of giving to my YMCA community in Atlanta, Georgia, I led participants in making marks, telling stories, and “leaping” from these “storied lines” in movement - knowing that through play we can “dance” with our creative spirits. 
By making taking incremental steps - one mark, one move, one story, one partner at a time - we find the way back to the juiciness of our imaginations and into the flow of infinity. And we do it in the company on the “playground” with others! Wheee! 
I'm so thankful to Tara Hardy at the East Lake YMCA for establish…


Using InterPlay in the English Language Classroom
A license to play in the classroom! Imagine these teaching objectives for an elementary English as a Second Language class called “Talk More”: 1) Help students find more comfort and ease when speaking in English. 2) Increase students’ sense of English language efficacy and communication confidence.
This past May, being given the permission to use “pure” InterPlay in a 3-week intensive English “Talk More 1” course consisting of 18 hours of instruction, thrilled me! I would engage the “whole student body” – body, mind, and heart! This kind of “whole body” engagement was going to be especially important in this unique class comprised of students from two distinctly different cultures – six Panamanians and six Japanese! I expected the students from Panama to have more expressive ease than students from Japan, but I didn’t know how this 50/50 combination would blend the differences, allowing the students a give-and-take of cultural and indivi…

Communicating the Facts – More than a Feeling

Have you ever thought about how you might embody the difference between weather and climate change? Do you know the difference? Well, we had tremendous fun playing around with those concepts at the InterPlay - Atlanta Science Festival 2018 workshop, “Communicating the Facts: More than a Feeling" (see the workshop description below).
Thanks to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s demonstration of “Weather versus Climate Change” on “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” (see this video), we invited pairs of people to play with this concept, with one person as climate change and the other as weather. The climate change partner was asked to choose a destination in the room and to walk to it in a fairly steady line, while the weather partner was given the task of moving (dancing?) erratically in front of or behind or around their climate change partner (Yes, we played music). Then we had the partners reverse their roles. In this way, each got to experience either the steadfastness of the climate trend, but al…