Zoom! SIS InterPlay Celebrates a Birthday during Coronavirus Quarantine

Sustaining International Sisters (Global SIS : InterPlay) met on April 24th to celebrate Chiara Pilloton's birthday and wish our Muslim SISters Ramadan Mubarak! Chiara is a SISter living in Rome, Italy, alone and is in her 3rd month of quarantine because of the 2020 Pandemic. In the photo below is Chiara with the "crostata" she baked for herself.
Happy Birthday to Chiara Pilloton quarantined in Rome, Italy, on ZOOM! 
In attendance for Chiara's SIS birthday party were SISters from Turkey, the Philippines, Pakistan, Mexico, Venezuela, China, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, England, Laos/Thailand and the United States. InterPlay is an amazing way to bring international women together in an environment that is nurturing, supportive and FUN. 

And the FUN we had! Yay! We InterPlay "babbled" about birthday related words - cake, cards, ice cream, and parties. We did "I - could - talk - abouts" on anything related to birthdays past and present, friends, family members, and random associations. We Zoomed into "breakout" rooms and told stories and did "noticing." We got moving with InterPlay warmup and were guest led by LinSun Simthong who had SISters walk cycles of the sun and "exform" anything we wanted to let go in the next cycle of the sun.
Guest Facilitator LinSun Simthong in North Carolina, USA
As SISters popped on and off in the Zoom room, Chiara was sung to in different languages. Laura Lorena from Brazil sang in Portuguese. Ruth Lutz sang in German. Silayillah sang in English! Patricia from Mexico sang in Spanish and we got the surprise that in Venezuela there is a different Spanish birthday song. SISters sang in Tagalog (from the Philippines), Chinese, Italian, Urdu (from Pakistan), Lao, and Turkish. Wow! The experience was incredibly moving for us all.
Birthday Party Attendees! Chiara is standing in the bottom right photo giving a birthday girl speech. Amazing to think we are all quarantined.
Before we Zoomed away from the birthday party, we presented Chiara with birthday cards!

Papere (Italian) or Duckies! I made this for Chiara to honor her nickname!
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Deep gratitude to the support of InterPlay co-founders Phil Porter and Cynthia Winton-Henry. InterPlay, an active creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body, is so vitally important to the world as we manage our lives, health, and communities during these times of the coronavirus. Many thanks to my dear friend and SIS collaborator, Canan Arikan. She and I are deeply grateful to the many women who have befriended us as SISters and deepen their connections with us and each other through InterPlay.

To learn more about SIS visit: https://www.sislife.org
To learn more about online Global SIS visit: https://interplayschowalter.blogspot.com/2020/02/what-is-global-sis-interplay-global-sis.html
To learn more about InterPlay visit: http://www.interplay.org


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