What is GLOBAL SIS: INTERPLAY? Global SIS: InterPlay is a two-hour online “playshop” using the Zoom platform. Global SIS began in November 2019 to stay connected with sisters around the world once they leave Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and our community of Sustaining International Sisters (SIS). 

The BEGINNING! Sustaining International Sisters, October 2018, Little Five Points Community Center, Atlanta, Georgia,  USA.
SIS has been bringing together international and American women living in the Metro-Atlanta area since October 2018 for four hours of "play and potluck" on the first Saturday of each month. Canan Arikan and I, Ruth Schowalter, are the InterPlay facilitators. We use the forms and tools of InterPlay during our gatherings which allow women to connect, share, inspire and learn from one another. 

We discovered after a solid year of InterPlaying and meal sharing with Georgia Tech Visiting Scholars Yue and Tianqi from China, that we couldn’t just say “good-bye” to them when it was time for them to return to their country. We knew we had to stay in touch! 
FIRST YEAR 2019, Decatur, Georgia. In August 2019, we had grown and had special guest facilitators, The Dancing Flowers! Pictured here are International Sisters Yue, Tianqi, Liping (from China), and Laura (from Brazil) who have returned to their countries, but stay in touch via GLOBAL SIS: INTERPLAY.

Thank goodness for the internet! Hurray for InterPlay! So to stay in touch, we created this amazing “playroom without walls” - online Global SIS: InterPlay! On Saturday, February 15th, 8:30 to 10:30 AM (EST), we will meet for the fourth time!
GLOBAL SIS: INTERPLAY, January 2020, ZOOM. Our InterPlay Sisters gather in a room without walls for the third time in January. 

However, in the first week of February 2020, Canan and I used the format of Global SIS to meet online for a special purpose. Four of our Global sisters living in different cities in China (Beijing, Heilongjiang, Sichuan, and Shanghai) were feeling slightly “housebound” because of the necessity to stay home and safe from the Corona Virus. We had a deep desire to just “play” with them and let them know we were thinking of them at this time as their country battles and finds a solution to this epidemic. Everyone was optimistic.
SPECIAL GLOBAL SIS INTERPLAY. When and if the need arises, we can reach around the world using the internet to give our international sisters a hug and play with them.

Many thanks to the Body Wisdom InterPlay office located in San Francisco, California, USA, which support us through the use the Zoom platform to meet with our global sisters. 

Gratitude to Eric Chappelle for his fabulous music. 

For more information about SIS and InterPlay:


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